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Hear what our customers say

An Indian Bride On Her Wedding Day.

“I had to actually look for a good candid photographer (as everyone in my family said spend good on photographer it's an investment for only those would save the memories against time ) and so I had to still look for one which fits my budget yet suits my family's requirements and trust me when I saw ShutterspeedIndia Teams work to the time they produced the copies there was no single moment where I felt they didn't do justice to their work.

Rachana and Rahul are adjusting as they didn't mind working extra hours for covering all my events...they turned on time...they worked keeping in mind that it is one special moment and what is a routine for them isn't a routine for us. This is what I expected from the team and trust me

their professionalism, creativity in that amount is a gift to all of us who want to get covered by a good team

without burning a hole in pocket or be disappointed of the results later.

I urge u to pls give them a chance to cover your day and you would be as happy writing one such testimonial yourself as I am!


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