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Chasing their dream of preserving precious moments from a couple’s wedding, the team at Shutterspeed offers to their client's memories rendered upon spellbinding frames. They seek moments that lend brilliance to the occasion and are unafraid of experimenting with their skills in order to create something unique each time. Rachana Haldikar shares, “Each wedding is different from the last and it’s only fair that the manner in which its story is conveyed resonates with the concept of that particular celebration. Therefore, our experts like to explore varied styles to find the right match.”


Rachana Haldikar believes that the essence of photography lies not only in capturing the moments but also the emotions. The team strives to build a rapport with the duo as well as their loved ones in order to ensure that everyone is comfortable being themselves in front of the lens. She says, “Wedding photographs and films always hold a special place in the heart of couples and the families involved. And to think about it, nuptials are what they are because of all the people involved in it. Therefore, it is important for us to develop an individual connect with each person.”


Some of the best wedding photographers and cinematographers in the industry, they have offices in Mumbai as well as Bangalore. Rachana Haldikar shares, “ We want to be a part of the as many couples’ big day as we possibly can. It’s our passion to deliver memories and keeping this in mind we work with a whole range of different budgets.”

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